Whirlpool Gold GD5RVAXVY Review

Whirlpool Gold GD5RVAXVYMy Whirlpool Gold GD5RVAXVY review: As far as side-by-side refrigerators go, the Whirlpool Gold GD5RVAVXY is a solid performer. Probably what’s most impressive about this model is the roomy interior (25.6 cubic ft). There is actually a place to fit full-size pizza boxes in. It also comes with: PuR water filtration system, thru-the-door ice maker and water dispenser, a child lock, adjustable shelves, two freezer bins and it is also Energy Star qualified.

The exterior of the Whirlpool Gold GD5RVAXVY refrigerator has a stainless steel finish. The design and sleek look really add to the value. Something to keep in mind is that stainless steel can sometimes be hard to keep it looking clean. The ice maker is only so-so. It’s a little loud for my taste – but, most people could probably tolerate it. For what you get out of this refrigerator, I think the $1350 asking price is fair. Since nothing really pops out at me on the Whirlpool Gold GD5RVAXVY (it’s average, or just above average), I’m giving it 3.5/5 stars.

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