Samsung RF268ABRS Review

Samsung RF268ABRS RefrigeratorI wouldn’t say the Samung RF268ABRS refrigerator is as bad as a lot of reviews make it out to be. But, in the same breath I would agree that it’s not the best refrigerator either. As far as size goes, this model is great. You get a huge 26 cubic ft, with an exceptionally big refrigerated compartment. You can fit about any size pot or pan in there. The way the drawers and fixtures are designed also give this fridge an edge over the competition. I also really like the freezer being on the bottom – it’s very accessible for storing larger items. The external display is nice, and it’s also an Energy Star certified model.

Even though the Samsung RF268ABRS refrigerator has it’s positive features, it also has a few issues which may be a problem for some users. First of all, a lot of buyers found that the ice maker was too slow. This would really only be a problem for bigger families in my opinion. Also, the quality of the parts (especially the interior) are a little sub-par. The thing I really didn’t like about the Samsung RF268ABRS was the company’s customer service record. I have read a number of complaints about Samsung’s customer service not resolving problems quickly enough. This may not be a deal-breaker, but it’s still something to consider.

Overall, the Samsung RF268ABRS refrigerator is a decent buy. It has it’s problems for sure – but you’ll find that most models do have some setbacks. I give it 4/5 stars.

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