Frigidaire FRT18L4JW Review

Frigidaire FRT18L4JWMy short Frigidaire FRT18L4JW review: I wouldn’t say the Frigidaire FRT18L4JW refrigerator is well suited for everyone, but it definitely has it’s positives. First of all, the $470 price tag can’t be beat for a non-compact refrigerator. Yes, it’s a basic, no-frills model – but, that actually gives you less of a chance that something will break. Some people may find the 18.2 cubic ft to be too small, but it would work great for those of us with very small kitchens.

Unfortunately, the Frigidaire FRT18L4JW refrigerator does have a few negative aspects to it. Ok, it’s mainly two things: it’s very loud, and the freezer is just a bit too small. I guess I could live with a small freezer, but the noise factor really turns me off to this model. If they could correct the noise issue on the Frigidaire FRT18L4JW refrigerator, it would be a spectacular buy. However, I can only give this unit a 3/5 star rating, until that is resolved.

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