Frigidaire FRT18IL6JW Review

Frigidaire FRT18IL6JWThe Frigidaire FRT18IL6JW refrigerator has only 18.2 cubic ft of space, which doesn’t make it a bad model – just small. In this review I’ll go over the positive and negative aspects to see if it’s worth the $480 price tag. The Frigidaire FRT18IL6JW fridge’s exterior is very standard, with a white-colored exterior. A few of it’s best features include: an ice maker, two fresh food shelves, reversible door, Energy Star compliant, and five door shelves. As you can see, there are a couple “extras”, but not many.

Unfortunately, the Frigidaire FRT18IL6JW refrigerator does have a few issues. The first is that some parts seem a little cheap. I guess it’s what you can expect from an inexpensive model, but just know that it’s not made of top quality materials. Another issue is the noise level. It’s not horrible, but just loud enough to be annoying. A couple buyers have complained about the compressor going out after a couple years. Overall, the Frigidaire FRT18IL6JW fridge is about what you’d expect from a $480 model. I’m giving it a 3.8 / 5 star rating.

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