Frigidaire FRT18IL6JB Review

Frigidaire FRT18IL6JBThe Frigidaire FRT18IL6JB refrigerator is a small top freezer model, which has just 18.2 cubic ft of space. The all-black exterior gives it a pretty classy look. In this review of the Frigidaire FRT18IL6JB fridge, I’ll go over this model’s strengths and weaknesses, then decide if it’s worth buying. Currently, this unit is selling for around $475, which is actually a decent price for this size range. Here’s a rundown of features found on this model: two humidity controlled crispers, spill-safe glass shelves, adjustable door bins with gallon storage, Never Clean condenser, fixed freezer door bins, factory installed ice maker, and this refrigerator is also Energy Star qualified. For a unit of this size and price, this is actually a fair amount of features.

OK, onto the negative aspects of the Frigidaire FRT18IL6JB refrigerator. One problem that seems to be common amongst users is that this model tends to be noisy. Another issue is that the freezer is very small. One of the main reasons it feels so small is because of the factory installed ice maker – however, I’m not sure that I would want to give that up. A few users have had the unit break down after a couple months, but I think that is more of a fluke than anything. Overall, there’s not a lot wrong with the Frigidaire FRT18IL6JB refrigerator. If they could just fix the issue with the noise, it would be a spectacular unit. As is, I can only give this model a 4 / 5 star rating, which is still very respectable.

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