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Sanyo SR-4800W Apartment Refrigerator Review

Sanyo SR-4800WIf you’re looking for a smaller apartment refrigerator, the Sanyo SR-4800W may be just what you are looking for. As the model number suggests, the Sanyo SR-4800W is a fairly small 4.8 cubic ft. While there isn’t a lot of space to work with, I really love the fact that the freezer is a decent size. This is probably the biggest thing that sets this model apart from smaller compact models. The fridge compartment has 2 adjustable glass shelves, which is handy if you have something tall you need to fit in. The crisper is also a nice addition to this refrigerator.

The Sanyo SR-4800W refrigerator does have a pretty hefty price tag – around $400. Actually, this is even lower than the list price, but you can find this model selling for $400 at a lot of places. Unfortunately, I think it’s just a little too expensive for what you get. So, even though I love the features on the SR-4800W, I can’t say that I fully recommend it. I’m giving this model a 3.5/5 star rating.


Sanyo SR-3770S Counter-High Refrigerator Review – Amazon User

Sanyo SR-3770S Counter High RefrigeratorAn Amazon user reviews the Sanyo SR-3770S Counter-High Refrigerator: “The Sanyo SR-3770S Counter-High Refrigerator is whisper quiet and I feel certain I will have no problem sleeping with it in my room even though I am an incredibly light sleeper who is easily awakened with even the lightest sound. It is very roomy and the crisper is especially great since I like to keep fresh fruit on hand and truly enjoy it most when it is very cold. As soon as I plugged the Sanyo SR-3770S Counter-High Refrigerator up, it began freezing water in the ice tray.

I have no negative comments to make whatsoever and will gladly recommend this refrigerator to anyone and everyone who is in the market for a compact or mini fridge.