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Best Refrigerator For College Dorm

Best Dorm Room RefrigeratorFinding the best refrigerator for college dorm rooms can be a tricky task. Most students want it to be smaller, look nice, be reliable, and have a freezer compartment. There are a ton of manufacturers out there that make mini fridges, but they are not all created equally. A couple brands that make some awesome refrigerators for college dorm rooms are: Frigidaire, Danby, Haier, Igloo, Kenmore, Supentown and EdgeStar. I’ve picked out 2 of the best models, which I think have all the the benefits (or most anyway) I listed above. I’ll share them with you below.

The first model on the “best refrigerator for college dorm room” list is: Haier HSA04WNCBB. This one is actually a little larger-sized, at 3.9 cubic ft. It would be great for roomates sharing a fridge. The best feature on this model is that it’s freezer compartment is full-sized. You can fit larger items in it, compared to other competitor models. Also, the refrigerated compartment is nice and big (comparatively anyway). The shelves are also adjustable. It currently sells for about $170.

The second model I recommend is the Kenmore 92779. This 2.7 cubic ft model is perfecft for tighter spaces. The freezer is small, but you can at least cram in a frozen meal and ice cube tray. The refrigerated section is small as well, but easily big enough for 12 cans of soda and a couple other food items. I really like the side door compartments. It adds to the space tremendously. The wire shelves are removable, but not adjustable. Probably the best thing about this refrigerator is that it’s under $100.


Haier HNSE05 Review

Haier HNSE05The Haier HNSE05 refrigerator is a counter-high model with 4.6 cubic ft of space. At around $160, it’s one of the cheaper mini-fridge models available. The feature set on the Haier HNSE05 is fairly standard: Energy Star rated, adjustable glass shelving, large door bins, small freezer section & can dispenser on the door. It is available in white, black (HNSE05BB) and stainless steel (HNSE05SS). As with most of these compact refrigerators, the freezer section is definitely small – just large enough for a few ice trays.

Because of the low price, it’s hard to rag on the Haier HNSE05 too much. However, it does have some design flaws I need to mention. For one thing, I don’t think the space is used to its highest potential. The top shelf is so small next to the freezer, it can only hold something very small. The freezer door seems to jamb up with ice fairly often as well. Also, a fair amount of users had trouble with the HNSE05 breaking down not long after purchasing it. So, while I appreciate cheaper appliances in a lot of cases, I can’t say I fully recommend the  Haier HNSE05 model. I’m giving it a 3.5/5 star rating.


Best Mini Refrigerator

Best Mini RefrigeratorFinding the best mini refrigerator is easy once you know which brands are good. There are really about 4 different manufacturers which consistently make good mini refrigerators: Frigidaire, Kenmore, Danby, and Haier. Danby and Haier have especially mastered the art of making quality mini fridges. Below are two of my top picks for best mini refrigerators.

The Haier HSA04WNCBB model is a little larger, at 3.9 cubic ft. What I really like about this mini refrigerator is the full-width freezer compartment. It isn’t huge, by any means – however, it is big enough for ice trays and a few frozen meals, ect. The shelves in the refrigerator are adjustable, and the door has some nice compartments. The price on this model is around $170.

The Danby DAR259 mini refrigerator has 2.5 cubic ft of space inside. It has adjustable shelves, is roomier than competitor models, has a can dispenser and is even Energy Star certified. This particular model does not come with any freezer compartment, which is the biggest downside. The pricing is also a little steep: around $175.


Best Compact Refrigerator

Best Compact RefrigeratorSome of the best compact refrigerator brands are Danby, GE and Haier. Compact refrigerators are great – they can be used for dorm rooms, offices, kitchenettes or just about anywhere you need a smaller sized fridge. Below I’ve listed three different models which I consider some of the best compact refrigerators around. Each of them have their benefits and weaknesses – check into which one best fits your needs.

The Haier HSA04WNCBB is a nice little 3.9 cubic ft refrigerator. The exterior is completely black and really looks great. There is a main refrigerator compartment, and also a small freezer section. You can really tell this fridge is made well, which is always a plus. It costs around $130.

The Danby DAR440W is a little larger than the Haier, at 4.4 cubic ft. This particular model is all white in color, but Danby does make an all black version of the same exact model. Also, this compact refrigerator doesn’t have a freezer. If you are looking for an all refrigerator unit, this would be perfect for you. It’s a little pricier – around $200.

The GE GMR06AAPBB compact refrigerator is the biggest of the bunch, at 6.0 cubic ft. It is an all-black model, and looks just as sleek as the other models. Having more interior space is definitely a benefit to this model. It also includes a small freezer compartment where you can store ice, frozen meals, etc. The beverage dispenser is nice, but takes up a bit of precious space. While it’s the roomiest of the three models, it also costs the most – around $280.

Like I said, they each have their benefits and weaknesses. However, they are still three of the best compact refrigerators you can buy.


Haier HNSB02 Refrigerator Review

Haier HNSB02 RefrigeratorAn Amazon user reviews the Haier HNSB02 Refrigerator: “I bought the Haier HNSB02 Refrigerator for my smallish office, so I could have cold drinks all day (soda, juices). For the price (and the free and convenient shipping), it can’t be beat. That’s not to say it’s perfect. Mine arrived damaged (the purely cosmetic triangular plastic cap for the door hinge, located at the top corner of the unit, was cracked and separated from the fridge itself, though it kind of clicks back on, though it’s prone to falling off, as the greenish goo that holds it is kind of smeared off). Also, the cardboard box the Haier HNSB02 Refrigerator is shipped in isn’t really that well-made and was falling apart, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the fridge doesn’t work for the longish haul (never mind the long haul). The fridge is also pretty dirty and needs a wipe-down; there’s a dusty film in places and it has a chemical odor to it. But again, for the price, this made-in-China fridge is just fine.”