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Bosch B22CS30SNS Review

Bosch B22CS30SNSThe Bosch B22CS30SNS refrigerator is a very stylish side by side model with 22.1 cubic ft of space. The stainless steel exterior definitely gives it some pop. In this review of the Bosch B22CS30SNS fridge, I’ll be going over this model’s strengths and weaknesses – then we can decide if it’s actually worth the $1,800 price tag. Here’s a rundown of the best features you’ll find on this unit: spill proof glass shelves, multi-flow cooling system, humidity controlled drawer, a frame-less exterior water and ice dispenser, antibacterial lining, and an Airfresh filter to keep odors away. As far as looks go, you can’t get a much better looking refrigerator. I especially love the frame-less dispenser area, it gives off a luxury vibe.

OK, moving onto the negative aspects of the Bosch B22CS30SNS refrigerator. Unfortunately, there are a couple issues with this model, which is too bad because the exterior is so nice. First off, the ice maker is a little noisy and tends to spray ice if you don’t watch it closely. I also wish there were more options for adjusting glass shelves – it can be hard to get it just right. Another thing is that the lighting isn’t that great on the bottom bins. And, if you ever want to turn the door alarm off, you’ll also lock out the ice dispenser. Lastly, the exterior tends to get fingerprint markings easily. I know that last one is true for all stainless steel appliances, so it’s not a huge problem. The Bosch B22CS30SNS is one refrigerator you just want to love. However, I don’t like the couple issues it has, and can only give it a 3.8 / 5 star rating.