Best Refrigerator for Garage

Best Refrigerator for GarageI think the best refrigerator for garage placement is actually a model I just recently reviewed. In my opinion the Gladiator Garageworks Freezerator is the best refrigerator for the garage because it’s specifically made to withstand extreme temperatures (hot and cold), which not every refrigerator is meant to do. For cold temperatures, it has a built-in heater so the temp doesn’t get too low. It’s also very spacious at 21 cubic ft. There are two compartments which you can set to change any way you want – from freezer to refrigerator, or vice versa. So, you could potentially have an all freezer unit or an all refrigerated unit. It’s also on wheels, so you can move it around if need be.

This model is loud, but since it’ll be in the garage it shouldn’t be a huge issue for most people. A couple other models you may want to look into are the Gladiator Chillerator (very similar to the Freezerator), and the Whirlpool GAFZ21 (also very similar to both models). You should expect to spend in the neighborhood of $1000 for all three models – although you can get them on sale for cheaper.

Just as a final word of advice, don’t try to stick just any refrigerator in the garage. Most fridges are made to withstand only normal living temperatures – not extreme weather. Hopefully that helps you in your search for the best refrigerator for garage usage.

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